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A hard wearing, durable, water-based road marking material that is commonly used in rural and low traffic metropolitan road networks.


Easy to use and economical to apply, our Waterborne Paint uses the latest generation emulsion binder technology to provide a durable road marking that will stand the test of time.

Line on line waterborne paint

Combining Waterborne Paint with the correct Glass Bead package is critical to provide high-performing and long-lasting road marking.

We specialise in developing high-performing materials that work well together.  When the combination of materials compliment each other, the result is a unique road marking system that delivers a result that benefits the customer.

Thermo Dots, Toodjay Rd


Durable waterborne traffic paint commonly used for longitudinal and transverse markings across urban and rural road networks.

Economical and efficient to apply with glass beads for retroreflectivity.

High performance

High performance waterborne technology coupled with highly reflective glass beads deliver superior DRY night-time retroreflectivity on urban and rural highways and main roads.

The obvious choice when night-time road safety is a priority.

Wet Weather

The ultimate waterborne system combines highly durable waterborne paint technology with wet weather glass beads systems, to provide unmatched road safety benefits.

High retroreflectivity at night-time, in both DRY and WET road conditions, this system is the ultimate safety benefit for improtant highways and mainroads in a modern road network.