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A blended powder that is heated to a melting point of 200°C.  Once molten, it is poured onto the road to form a variety of road markings.

Commonly used on high-traffic roads where durability and long-life is required, this product can be tailored to deliver the required hardness, adhesion and flexibility for the intended location.

The highest quality premix glass beads are combined within the thermoplastic, which results in continued reflectivity throughout its life. 

Thermoplastic Steps

When combined with a uniquely tailored drop-on glass bead package, the performance and  longterm reflectivity is outstanding.

We specialise in developing uniquely high-performing thermoplastic road marking materials that can be sprayed, extruded or structured, to delivering high-performing dry and wet night-time visibility.

Thermoplastic  Dots, Toodjay Rd


Standard long-life thermoplastic road marking material has been a longstanding and well tested solution for high traffic highways and main roads across the world. Providing an economical and long-lasting road marking solution

High performance

A long-life solution that provides high durablity and retroflectivity is a priority for modern urban and metropolitan road networks.

When highly durable, high-perfromance thermoplastics are coupled with a high reflectivity glass bead system the result is a world class road marking system that delevirs outstanding road safety.

Wet Weather

The ultimate road marking system, providing high-performing durability and adhesion along with high DRY and WET night-time retroreflectivity.

With unmatched safety benefits in the DRY and WET, high-performance, wet-weather thermoplastic road marking systems are the future for freeways and highways in metropolitan road networks.