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A 2-component material that is chemically cured to provide unmatched hardness, durability and adhesion to the road surface.

The hardening process begins when the material is catalysed, and once started, the curing process is complete in only a few minutes.

Commonly used in Europe on the highest traffic highways where high performance is essential, this product is proven to provide excellent durability and glass bead retention.

Line on line waterborne paint

When combined with uniquely designed drop-on glass beads, the result is a system that is proven to deliver very high, longterm reflectivity performance.

We specialise in developing uniquely high-performing Cold Plastic road marking materials that can be sprayed and structured, to deliver high-performing dry and wet nighttime visibility.

Thermo Dots, Toodjay Rd


Durable waterborne traffic paint commonly used for longitudinal and transverse markings across urban and rural road networks.

Economical and efficient to apply with glass beads for retroreflectivity.

High performance

High performance waterborne technology coupled with highly reflective glass beads deliver superior DRY night-time retroreflectivity on urban and rural highways and main roads.

The obvious choice when night-time road safety is a priority.

Wet Weather

The ultimate waterborne system combines highly durable waterborne paint technology with wet weather glass beads systems, to provide unmatched road safety benefits.

High retroreflectivity at night-time, in both DRY and WET road conditions, this system is the ultimate safety benefit for improtant highways and mainroads in a modern road network.