Combining high-performance road marking materials into a customised road marking system, provides our clients with road markings that deliver unparalleled performance and safety benefits.

High performance dry retroflectivity

Retroflectivity in road markings is achieved when glass beads reflect a vehicles headlight back to the driver. High -performing night time retroflectivy is an essential characteristic of all road markings to provide delineation and a safe roadway. High reflectivity is also a measure of durablity and the service life of the road markings.

High performance wet retroflectivity

In wet and rainy weather conditions, road markings do not reflect vehicles headlights back to the driver, because the film of water interrupts the retroflection. Wet weather road marking systems are designed to dissapate water and provide highly visible road markings in rainy conditions.

Audio Tactile

Highly durable ribs applied to the roadway with a specialised line marking machine. Standard and high-performance ribs provide and Audible response to traffic to alert drivers that are distracted or falling asleep.

Transverse markings

Marking and symbols applied to the road surface to provide guidance and warning for traffic, transverse road markings are usually found in the form of arrows, stop lines, give way lines and speed symbols. World class transverse road marking systems that provide superior visibilty in day , night, dry and wet road conditions.

Applied in a thin film application to the roadway via air atomised or airless spray technology.
A spray line marking system is an economical and versatile solution that delivers an improved safety benefit to any major road network.

Applied in a thick film application to the roadway via a specialised equipment.
An extruded line marking system is a durable and long-lasting solution that delivers an improved safety benefit at a reduced whole-of-life cost.


Symbols that are manufactured and pre-cut into the various designs as required. The symbols are pre-ordered and delivered to site, then applied to the road surface using a heat treatment to melt the symbol into the road surface.
This thick film application is durable and simple to apply, while providing a clear and easy to install road marking solution.


Highly durable materials applied to the roadway in a specific structured pattern, to provide high-performance dry & wet weather night-time reflectivity.