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Perfectly spherical glass beads are used in road markings to provide reflectivity under vehicle headlights. Glass beads are mixed into and dropped onto the road markings to deliver unmatched visibility and road safety.

Glass beads are grouped into “premix” and “drop-on” packages that are tailored to the performance outcomes required by our customers.

High quality glass beads are a critical element of high performance road marking.  We uniquely develop and design glass beads packages that will deliver  tailored retroreflectivity performance in dry and wet nighttime conditions.


Line on line waterborne paint

Combining the superior clarity, correct sizing, specialised coatings and the required quantity is critical to delivering dry and wet nighttime retroreflectivity performance.

We specialise in developing uniquely high-performing Glass Bead packages that can be used with all Waterborne Paint, Thermoplastic and Cold Plastic road marking materials sprayed, extruded or structured,

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